Quad Excursion El Teide (P138)

Quad Excursion El Teide - trip 3 hours

Spain - South Tenerife

Quad Excursion El Teide - trip 3 hours

Together we will set off on an adventure of discovering the highest volcano in Europe. Some of the most breathtaking landscapes Spain has to offer, we will discover the myths that the father of all islands has harbored for centuries.

Duration of the trip: 3 hours

Departure time: 10:00 (if the departure time changes, you will be informed 24 hours before the tour)

Price: 140 € for one person, 160 € for two people on a quad bike

The tour includes:

  • Guide - a person to be followed during the tour.
  • Travel insurance.

Important additional information:

  • You must have a valid driving license to travel (temporary permits are not accepted).
  • Young people under the age of 18 cannot be a driver.
  • Children allowed at least 7 years old.

Recommendations: take with you

  • ID card or passport.
  • Printed coupon / ticket or by phone.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses.
  • Warmer clothes! - at an altitude of 2,000 m, the air temperature can be even 10-15 degrees cooler than in the south.
  • Water / snacks.

COVID-19 security measures

  • The company complies with the Sanitary Guidelines for the Canary Islands.
  • All surfaces that customers come into contact with are regularly disinfected.