Frequently asked questions

1. How do you book a tour or activity with

First, you directly book the desired activity over our website. Right after booking, you’ll receive an email summarising your purchase. Now we’re working on your booking and reserve your places. Afterwards, you’ll receive a second email with the tickets from us, which also includes the exact meeting point / pick-up point and time. You’ll definitely receive the second email on time, even when you’ve booked on short notice – please just be patient for a few minutes, we’ll hurry! For tour bookings that are several days / weeks from today we usually get back to you within 24 hours via email.

Since we’re an online shop, we don’t have a physical office for buying tickets. In case of emergency, if you can’t book through the online shop (i.e. if you have no Internet), we can also accept a booking by telephone. Please have your credit card ready. For bookings with pre-payment it may take up to 2-3 days until the payment arrives in our bank account. Only then we will process your booking and send you the ticket within 24 hours.

2. What if I want to book on very short notice?

For bookings on very short notice (less than 24 hours before the desired activity or tour starts), we recommend you to briefly get in touch with us (i.e. via live chat or telephone) to check the availability. For this, we would need to know in which activity you’re interested in exactly, where you’re staying, how many persons want to participate and if you have a rental car yourself or if you would need a pick-up. We will check as fast as possible if the desired activity is still available on short notice. If we confirm this to you, you can book immediately over our website. We work on your booking as soon as possible and send you the second email with the tickets and the exact meeting point shortly. Usually, we recommend booking at least 1-2 days upfront.

3. The offer states that the activity is only possible on certain days but the calendar shows availability?

The calendar on our website is only for choosing the date comfortably but unfortunately it doesn’t show availabilities. Therefore we kindly ask you to please stick to the possible days stated in the detailed description of the offer and only book for these days. We work with several hundred different partners, of which many still don’t have electronic booking systems. Due to technical reasons, a continuous, up-to-date synchronisation of availabilities is not possible yet.

4. Why do I need to give a telephone number?

Please indicate a (mobile) telephone number (with country code, i.e. +1 or +44) on which we can reach you during your holidays. We need this in order to be able to inform you on short notice in case of e.g. changes in departure times or changes due to bad weather.

5. Where is the meeting point / starting point?

You will receive the exact meeting point / starting point address as well as a Google Maps link together with the tickets via email from us after we’ve completed processing your booking. You can already find the approximate starting point in the offer description. The exact meeting point will be announced in the second email with the tickets, both as an address (for navigation systems) as well as as a Google Maps link. In case of doubt you can also ask at your reception how to easily get to the indicated meeting point.

We explicitly recommend you to be at the meeting point a few minutes in advance. For pick-ups the buses usually just pass by the meeting points and in case nobody is there, the bus with its packed pick-up schedule directly continues to pick up the next guests. Sometimes the buses are also stuck in traffic and therefore need a few minutes more. Hence it is very important that you do not leave the meeting point in order to not miss the bus. For some tours / activities some upfront introduction or preparation time is necessary. In such cases, you should make sure to arrive a few minutes before departure to relaxedly get all the necessary things done before the tour starts.

6. How do the offers with pick-up / transfer work? Will I be brought back to the hotel after the tour? What if I stay at a finca?

Depending on the offer (please have a look at the detailed description), pick-up may either be included or not. The possible pick-up places / zones are listed in the offer – if you don’t know where you are exactly, a quick look at Google Maps usually does the trick. In general, the transfer always works in both ways: If you’re getting picked-up, you’ll also be brought back to the same point again. The pick-up either will be directly at your hotel, in case the bus can stop there, or at a closely located meeting point you can reach within a few minutes by foot.

7. Staying at a finca?

Since most of the fincas are located far outside of villages on narrow side roads they often cannot be reached by normal busses – in that case, we’ll send you the closest possible meeting point where the bus can pick you up. If the pick-up is with a car / minibus in some cases the pick-up may also possible directly at the finca if it is easily accessible. Please make sure that you enter your hotel name and address for the offers with pick-up at the end of the booking process in the field „Additional information“ – if staying at a finca, it’s usually the best if you include a Google Maps link for marking the location of the finca (in Spain / Portugal, many side roads are not labelled with exact addresses).

8. I want to book an activity but there is no pick-up offered from my place. How do I get to the starting point?

You will have to get to the starting point by yourself – either with public transportation (your hotel reception but also Google Maps can be very helpful to find the directions), by taxi or with rental car or scooter (this is usually the cheapest option). Please remember starting your journey on time and plan enough slack time, i.e. in case the bus doesn’t arrive on time.

From 5 persons up and with upfront planning time, we can also organise an individual transfer for you. For a transfer request, please send us an email to and indicate the following information: number of persons, desired route, time, date and your contact data (telephone number / email address). We will get back to you via email with the transfer price as soon as possible.

9. Where does the activity end?

All activities end at the same place where they started unless explicitly indicated otherwise. If your tour includes a pick-up, you’ll be brought back to the point where you were picked up.

10. Do I always need to select a date?

You may book without a date, too. However, we still need to know a date on which you would like to do the activity / tour (ideally approx. 1 week upfront), since we have to make a reservation for you. This is why it’s always good if you can communicate us your desired date as soon as possible. For boat trips, we highly recommend to quickly choose a specific date, since they’re almost always fully booked on short notice during the high season (June till September).

11. Do I need to take care of the reservation?

No, because this service is provided by sunbonoo: You can book your desired activity directly on our website and we will do all necessary reservations and confirmations for you. Afterwards, we will send you an email with the confirmation of the reservation as well as the tickets and the exact meeting point and time.

12. Why do the places need to be reserved?

For most of the tours / activities places and availabilities are limited and demand is especially high during high season. This is why we always recommend to book as early as possible to ensure that you can do the tour on your desired date.

13. Can I pay in cash / directly on location?

Unfortunately, cash payment is not possible because we will make a fixed reservation for you and need the full payment upfront to guarantee your places. The following payment methods are available: SEPA bank transfer (when booking with enough time in advance), credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or PayPal.

14. Can I book an activity on short notice and pay by SEPA bank transfer?

If a bank transfer is the only option for you, you may make the transfer through your bank's online banking interface and then send us a screenshot of the transfer confirmation (or the PDF) to as proof of the transaction. As soon as we get the confirmation we will proceed with your reservation and send you the tickets as well as the exact meeting point via email.

15. Can I also make a booking with a debit card?

Yes, in case you have a MasterCard or VISA debit card that has an expiry date and a security code. Please note that we do not accept Maestro Debit cards.

16. Can I pay with an American Express (AMEX) credit card?

We accept direct payments only with VISA or MasterCard. However, you can deposit an American Express card with PayPal and then use PayPal on our website.

When trying to pay with my credit card I am forwarded to another page where I have to enter a special password or code (3-D Secure, MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa). I don’t know this code. What should I do?

When you pay with your credit card in a shop you confirm your identity by signing the receipt and showing your ID. Since this is not possible for online payments, credit card issuers have introduced “3-D Secure” as an additional security layer (called SecureCode by Mastercard and "Verified by Visa" by Visa). This is an additional safety measure, which requires you to enter a secret that is only known to you in order to prevent unauthorised payments.

Unfortunately, what to check and how to check is up to each card issuing bank: Some banks send a text message with a transaction number or offer special mobile applications, other banks provide TAN generators or cards or use a password that you chose when making your first credit card payment on the Internet. For that reason, we cannot help you when you encounter problems with your credit card payment. We suggest to get in touch with your bank in order to understand how to complete your online payment. If you are still unable to complete your order online, we may also take your booking over the phone. In order to complete your booking we will need your credit card details.

17. The booking confirmation states that I should receive my tickets within 24 hours. What if I need them earlier?

We will send you the ticket as soon as possible in case you booked on short notice with less than 24 hours till your tour. We will process short notice bookings as quickly as possible and we will send you the tickets and the exact meeting point ASAP via email. If you book a gift voucher without a date you will receive the email with the ticket very soon after your booking. Please just be patient, we are processing your booking as quickly as possible!

18. Can I get my tickets mailed (post)?

Unfortunately, postal shipping of tickets is not possible. You will receive the tickets as a PDF file attached to an email which you can print by yourself.

19. Is it sufficient to show the tickets on a smartphone or do I need to print them?

Almost all of our partners accept electronic tickets on the smartphone if you arrive not too late (it usually takes a bit longer to check a ticket on the smartphone than a printed ticket). However, a few of our partners require a printed ticket. If so, we will explicitly mention this in the ticket email. In such a case, you may print the tickets at your hotel reception or visit a copy shop or Internet cafe.

It is required that you show the tickets for all (!) participants either on the smartphone or printed before the tour or activity starts – without a ticket participation is not possible!

20. From which age on do I need to buy a ticket for small children?

Usually children’s prices apply from 4 to 12 years. Depending on the offer, there are different age limits, from which on you need to pay for children. The age limit can usually be found directly when choosing the tickets, for which age group which ticket prices apply, or in the detailed description / the important information of the offer. If you bring babies or toddlers, for which no ticket needs to be paid according to the price age limits, please inform us about that in the comments field at the end of the booking process, so we can also reserve a free place for the baby.

21. How can I book several tickets at once?

If you want to book an activity for i.e. 5 persons, you can just click on the small plus next to the prices 5 times to choose the number of 5 tickets. Please pay attention to how the prices are indicated: If the price is stated as “per person”, you will need to buy a ticket for each person, if the price is stated as i.e. “for 2 persons”, the price already applies for 2 persons and you only need to buy one ticket.

22. If I charter a boat for a certain number of persons exclusively, how many tickets do I need to buy?

Every boat has a maximum number of licensed / legally allowed passengers, no matter which age they are. If you charter the boat exclusively, only you and your guests will be on board – but the price for the boat is always the same, since it will be available only for you for the booked duration, no matter if you come alone to the boat or with five friends. This is why you only need to buy one ticket for reserving one boat. How many people you’ll bring along is entirely up to you (as long as you do not bring more than the maximum number of passengers). If you already know how many passengers will be coming along, please let us know in the comments field at the end of the booking process. This will help us prepare for your trip even better.

23. Until when can I cancel my reservation free of charge?

You can find the terms of cancellation in the first purchase confirmation email. You can cancel up to 5 days upfront without any penalties and receive 100% of the paid amount as a refund. If you want to cancel less than 5 days upfront the booked date, a refund is not possible since the places were explicitly booked and reserved for you.

What happens if the weather it too bad to do the tour?

If the weather conditions make it impossible to conduct the activity, the activity will be moved to the next possible day or (in case you’re not on site anymore) you’ll of course get a full refund. Eventually, the decision if the activity will be taking place or not, is up to our tour partners, who usually inform us one day upfront of upcoming, bad weather. You can also check the weather forecast for the starting point of the activity yourself online. For boat trips, we especially recommend the sea weather forecast, since the data is stated quite accurately:

24. What do I need to bring?

In each particular offer, you find hints in case you need to bring anything special. If nothing is stated, just prepare yourself normally for the desired activity – at a boat trip, you shouldn’t forget your swimwear, towel and sun blocker, at a boat trip in winter, a jacket and long pants are recommended, and at quad tours and jeep safaris, you should always bring your original driving licence. Please also remember bringing snacks and drinks, if they’re not included in the price.

25. How long does my booked tour / activity take?

You can find the information about the approximate duration of the activity directly in the particular offer, so you can plan accordingly.

26. Can I park somewhere close to the meeting point?

This depends on the particular meeting point we’ll confirm you together with the tickets in the second email. If you’re in doubt, please have a look at the included Google Maps link: If you’re searching for a parking or changing the views to satellite view, you usually can see quite well, if a parking or a car park are located nearby. Please arrange enough time for your journey, because especially during high season, it might be difficult to i.e. find parking close to the harbour.

The streets in Spain are marked with colours: On yellow-marked streets, you’re not allowed to park, in the blue zones, you need to pay for parking.

27. When do I need to be there?

Usually, at least 5-10 minutes before the activity starts, but please pay attention to our according hint in the ticket email. Some of our partners (i.e. at quad tours) require that you’re on site at least 15-30 minutes before the tour begins, in order to receive an introduction or the equipment necessary for the activity. Generally spoken: You’re on holidays and you should enjoy your activity relaxedly – this is why we recommend to start driving a bit earlier in order to compensate possibly traffic jams, parking problems etc. and still arrive on time. Please keep in mind, that buses and boats cannot wait for single guests for minutes, because then all other guests have to wait as well and this might also delay the packaged time schedules and tour times for our tour partners. If you do not arrive on time, claims for a refund or compensation are not possible.

28. How do gift vouchers work?

You can buy a gift voucher either directly with a date, in case you already know it, or you buy it without a date and click on “This is a present” next to the calendar. Like this you can add an individual greeting, which will appear with a ribbon on the ticket. Afterwards, you’ll receive the ticket via email as a PDF attachment, so you can immediately print it out and give it away. The presentee needs to get back to us in good time in advance with his / her desired date, so we can reserve the given away activity for him / her. Afterwards, the presentee receives an email from us with the exact meeting point and –time for the activity.

29. Until when does the presentee need to get back to us with a desired date?

We always recommend choosing a date as early as possible, so we can reserve the desired date. Usually, approx. 1-2 weeks upfront is enough.

30. If I want to give away a ticket, which data do I need to provide?

Since you pay the ticket and you want to receive it in order to give it away afterwards, please add only your data when booking. It’s enough if you indicate your name, your email address and your telephone number. We will send you the ticket as soon as possible after booking.

31. We need a transfer to reach the starting point of the activity, how can I book a transfer?

The prices for an individual transfer depend on the number of persons and the planned route, which is why we have to calculate every transfer upfront and organise a (mini-)bus and driver for you. For a private transfer, please get in touch with us via email at and indicate the following information: number of persons, desired route, time, date and your contact data (telephone number / email address). We will get back to you with the transfer price as quickly as possible.

Generally, the private transfers for small groups of up to 4 persons don’t pay off, since usually a taxi is the cheaper option. However, if you want to enjoy this comfort during your holidays, we of course also settle the individual transfer for your small group.

32. How much does a certain activity or tour cost?

If you view our website on a computer / laptop, you can find the prices directly below the pictures and the short description. If you view the offer on a smartphone, please click on the red button “Prices / options” at the lower edge of your screen. A new window with different price options will open. You can book the tickets by clicking on the small “+” next to the price for choosing the desired number of tickets.

33. If I charter a boat exclusively, will I be alone on the boat?

Yes, because if you charter a boat, you determine who comes on board with you or not. Every boat has a maximum number of passengers, to which you have to pay attention – but except you (and, if necessary, the skipper, if you rent a boat with skipper), only your own guests will be aboard. This is why exclusive charter is also a bit more expensive than public boat tours, but in exchange, you’ll have the boat entirely for you and you can decide yourself, where you’ll be navigating and when and where you’ll be anchoring.

34. How is the exact route of boat tours determined?

If you booked a tour with a sail boat or a catamaran the skipper will usually try to sail as much as possible only by wind in order to enjoy the unique and quiet gliding over the water. However, for this you’ll need the force of the nature: Wind and waves determine, in which direction can be sailed generally, which is why the final route is usually determined when the boat left the sheltered harbour and the skipper can assess the current weather conditions out at sea. But no matter if you sail in one or the other direction – the skippers know their area perfectly and will take you to the most beautiful beaches and bays of the region.

35. Can I reserve something upfront without booking?

Unfortunately not. A large part of holidaymakers enjoys quite rightly the extensive sleeping and partying in their holidays, but sadly many of them don’t show up the next morning to the boat tour, although they’ve been promising it faithfully – and if we would have reserved the places for them, the tour operator would be stuck with the costs. You surely understand why we generally cannot make any reservations unless you have been booking bindingly over our website.

36. Can I adapt the hours / routes of the tours?

Public tours are usually running according to strict schedules to make planning easier for everybody. Private tours may be adapted individually to your desired times and routes – but please be aware that private tours are always a bit more expensive than public tours due to their exclusivity. If you want to do a private tour, you can get back to us with the details of your desired tour at

37. When you say “boats and jetskis with licence”, are you referring to a car driving licence?

No, for watercrafts like boats and jetskis, the specification of a “licence” is referring to the boating licence. There are also boats and jetskis you can navigate without any licence: For licence-free boats, the approved number of places is usually limited to maximum 4 passengers, also you have to stay close to the coastline (therefore you cannot i.e. navigate from Mallorca to Ibiza with them). Jetskis can be driven without a licence, if you’re driving them in a circumscribed area, so no other boats can cross your way, or if you’re accompanied by a professional guide, i.e. at a jetski tour. You can find the information, if a licence is necessary, directly in the particular offer. At chartering boats with licence, you usually have the opportunity to add a skipper, so you don’t need to bring neither a licence nor the deposit.

38. I have questions about my booked tour. Whom should I ask?

After booking, you’ll receive the exact meeting point as well as the contact data of the tour operator in the second email with the tickets. The contact data can also be found in the right corner of the ticket. For questions about the booked activity, you can directly get in touch with the tour operator. For questions about the booking process or the payment, you can get in touch with us, either via live chat, telephone, contact form or email – one message is enough and we will get back to you as soon as possible, in most cases within 24 hours.

39. I cannot find the meeting point, what should I do?

Please have a look at the Google Maps link we’ve sent you in the ticket email. Especially on the Balearic Islands, house numbers and street names are not always indicated consistently, since on both official languages Spanish and Catalan, they’re partly labelled differently. With the Google Maps link, we marked the exact meeting point. Usually, also your hotel reception can give you a description of the way.

40. I arrived too late and missed the pick-up. What should I do?

Since we explicitly point out to be on the meeting point on time in the ticket email, a claim for refund or compensation is not possible. We can try, as the case may be, to move your tour to the next possible date, whereas this depends on the short-dated availability and goodwill of our tour partners – after all, they were at the stated day and the stated time at the pick-up point and saved the places for you. For this, you can get back to us via telephone, live chat, contact form or email. However, we cannot guarantee anything.

41. Pictures and videos were taken during the tour but I haven’t received them yet – can you send them to me?

Please directly get in touch with the tour organiser. You can find the contact data on the bottom right of the ticket as well as in the ticket email.

42. Who are we? is a booking portal that enables you to easily and quickly book your holiday activities. We work with a large network of partners who conduct the tours and activities with you on site. Since many of these partners still don’t have a reservation system and work with paper flyers, we made it our business to uniformly display the variety of different offers on our platform and like this enable you to book various activities comfortably online.

43. Which languages do we speak?

No matter if English, German or Spanish – all Avemto team members speak at least two of these languages. For all tours and activities, the languages spoken are mentioned in the particular offer. The languages spoken may vary depending on the particular tour guides on each tour. In case of doubt, please ask us.

44. How can I get in touch with sunbonoo?

Our office is staffed from 09:00 am till 10:00 pm on weekdays and during the high season on the weekends, too. You can reach us either via live chat, telephone, email or contact form – one message to us, no matter via which cannel, is enough. For questions about already booked activities you may want to get in touch directly with the tour partner whose contact data can be found in the red box in the ticket email and at the bottom right of your ticket.

45. Do you have any coupons, deals, promo or discount codes?

At, we rarely issue coupons or discount codes. In fact, if you find a random discount code on an online deal site for our store it is definitely fake!

That being said, the best way to obtain REAL discount or coupon codes for our shop is by subscribing to our newsletter where we from time to time may run promotions on selected products.

46. How can I offer my activities as a partner on the sunbonoo website?

You can send us your tours and activities via email to